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These are very special times we are living in and there is a need to adjust our lives to the new era.

From this point forward a brand's story must be tied to providing new information that is critical to our sustainability.

Technology and the internet have a huge role in this process of acquiring a new global education together. Unlike traditional education that has not changed in the last 200 years, this new education will be provided in a viral manner through brands and services we come into contact with on a daily basis. It will be based on engaging people through games and new platforms that help them unite rather than compete. A completely new kind of public dialogue will ultimately be the key to turning this complex crisis around.

Professional Services:
Corporate Image
Key corporate messages
Web content
Brochure content
Multimedia scripts
Corporate presentations
Executive summaries
Press releases
Advertising concepts

HR - Human Relations
Organizational Effectiveness
Strategic Change
Change Management

Corporate blogs
PR campaigns
Social Media
Booth concepts
Web samples:

Tevet Film & Production
Outform - The Creations Agency
RosenRam Business Development
Or Media
Alice Ventures
Jasmine TV
TMT Tailor Made Television
Music Box Interactive TV
Office of the Chief Scientist
Motorola Semiconductors Israel
Dun & Bradstreet Israel
US-Israel Science & Tech. Commission
S. Horowitz & Co.
Reinhold Cohn Patent Attorneys
Zysman Aharoni Gayer Advocates
The Ha’aretz Group
Aviv Contractors
The Red Sea Group
Mobile Tornado
Skybox Security

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